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PicSafe Version History

3.2.6242Sept 2008Bug fix and minor improvements
3.2.5241Aug 2008Minor mods to program prompts. Bug fix for duplicate encrypted file names.
3.2.4240June 2008Anti Hacking measures increased.
3.2.3239May 2008Multi Viewer Synchronization Option added.
3.2.2238May 2008Updates to Media Player. Vista changes implemented. Picture Viewer Tile Option added. Picture Viewer Quick Locator bar added. Windows Help Option removed.
3.2.1237Apr 2008Validation key handling changed. V3.2.1 will accept old keys and new keys generated by the web site, unfortunately needed due to changes in PHP language.
3.1.2236Apr 2008Cache file name changed from !picsafe.ppc to !cache.ppc. Shared Documents folder included in Folder list. Help Update.
3.1.1235Apr 2008Full makeover, tidy and update, Folder tree speeded up. Huge image thumbnail handling improved, Minor changes to Viewer right click menu, Viewer "Stay on Top" option, Image Copy to Clipboard improved, Paste from clipboard to JPG or TXT file added. Print improved.
3.0.12234Sept 2007Camera Helper function moved to seperate executable. Look and feel changes. Folder Window speed up.
3.0.11233Jun 2007Minor bug fix : Address bar folder name wrong after second browser opened, Minor bug fix : problem when loading thumbnails and deleting files at the same time.
3.0.10232May 2007Duplicate File Finder added, Windows Thumbnail limits removed.
3.0.9231Apr 2007Picture Viewer information bar blending improved, SWF viewer added.
3.0.8230Feb 2007Minor mods to Picture Viewer, Problem with new version of divx avi files causing Movie Player to lose focus fixed.
3.0.7229Jan 2007Minor mods to Camera Helper.
3.0.6228Jan 2007Minor mods to 2nd Browser, Editor Program option.
3.0.5227Dec 2006Print orientation switching improved.
3.0.4226Dec 2006Media Player - Minor mods to appearance.
3.0.3225Dec 2006Media Player View Settings - Seek Bar Only option added.
3.0.2224Dec 2006Major Rewrite, Multiple Viewers, Improved Media Player, Picture Frames, Camera Helper, Viewer appearance controls, Popout Controls, Viewer size locking, Drive Selector, File Wipe, File Join

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