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Latest version 2.0.5 build 26 May 2008 Previous versions available for Download

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Download Notes

If you are not confident with choosing a folder for the download, and then locating the folder to run the installer once the download is finished, choose 'Open' or 'Run' from the download dialog rather than 'Save'.

After starting a download, choosing the 'Open' or 'Run' option on the download dialog may display a 'Security Warning' explaining that the publisher can not be verified. This is a mechanism intended to assure you that you are not downloading a potentially dangerous program. Please be assured that all Pearlware software downloaded direct from this site can not have been manipulated by any third parties and is guaranteed to contain no viruses or spyware.

All versions of the software can be installed on top of older version or can be installed to a different folder should you wish to be able to run both the old and new versions.

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