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PicSafe Screen Shots

A small sample of the many ways the PicSafe Picture Viewer can display your pictures, media files and folder contents.

Click on any of the pictures to see a larger (800x600) version.
The images here are kept to a low resolution to allow reasonable download times.
Real pictures viewed full screen will look much better.

Picture Viewer Screen Shots
No Controls, No Frills Information bar, Quick locator bar and preview of ice tunnel on locator bar Four tiled pictures, Window Border On No Controls, Arty Frame No Controls, Arty Frame with border
With information bar, blended tool bar and Arty Frame No Controls, Rainbow Frame With information bar, name bar, silver grading With information bar, name bar, blue grading zoomed to 290% with Arty Frame
Media Player Screen Shots
No Controls, No Frills No Frills, Mini Progress Line Seek Bar only Information / control bar Information / control bar, tool bar, silver gradient
Main Browser Screen Shots
What other people see What you see Key entered, Preview Bottom Key entered, Preview Bottom, No Folder View Blue grading theme
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