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PicSafe - Picture Viewer, Media Player and File Manager with Encryption

Do you own a Digital Camera or download Pictures and Movie clips from the Internet ?
PicSafe will keep your pictures and movies completely private.

Hide your pictures and movies from your kids, repairers or thieves with extra secure custom file encryption, whilst allowing quick, easy access for you, the key holder.

Use the built in Camera Helper to move files from your camera and Encrypt them immediately.

View Pictures as thumbnails, thumbnails with preview, full screen or any size you choose. Design your own Picture Frame or use the 'Arty' picture-in-picture option. Rotate, flip, mirror and crop images. View with or without, header, toolbar, infobar, window border, image border, frame or scrollbars. Popout toolbar and infobars allow for proper full screen viewing.

PicSafe provides a quick, easy to use interface for playing most Media types including MPG, AVI, WMV and MP3. Again with complete control over the media player appearance.

Quick and Easy to try ---> Download + Install in under 2 minutes, Uninstall in 30 Secs

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Freeware Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista

NoteSafe - Popup Notepad with Password protection

Like the name suggests, a safe for your private notes / passwords.
Simple to use with hot-key or tray icon activation.
Create multiple protected or unprotected note pads to organise and manage your notes.
Built in backup facility.
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Wallp - Temporary Wallpaper Changer

Wallpaper Changer with a difference.
The wallpaper setting is temporary. If the PC is switched off, put in standby or crashes, your original wallpaper returns when you next switch on.
Select an individual picture or let Wallp change your wallpaper automatically.
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