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Picsafe Encryption vs Windows Encryption

Files are completely portable and always will beDependent on login name and password. Files can only be accessed on a PC set up exactly as the original.
Easy to backup or copy to CDCan only be accessed if login user name and password are same as original
Unaffected by Windows re-installation or system corruptionFiles can easily become un-recoverable
Extremely secure custom encryption. Files can not be read even with the program source codeUnknown, but most aspects of Windows have a big brother approach so probable back doors
Version independant. Any version of PicSafe will view any encrypted fileUnknown, but windows has had version compatibility issues with file backups
Prompt FREE customer supportRelies on people helping each other on the net, or expensive support contracts
Positive action must be taken to encrypt a fileFiles are encrypted invisibly. Accidental encryption could easily lead to future loss of data
Can be set to give Visual feedback showing encrypted and non encrypted files in the browserNo obvious indication of encryption status

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