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NoteSafe - Notepad / Note organizer with Encryption and Password Protection

Download Freeware Windows ME, 2000, XP, Vista

A secure place to keep your PASSWORDS and other private data.
Handy Popup - NoteSafe provides a handy, hot-key activated popup for taking quick notes or making a note of user ids and passwords on the Internet. It also allows quick, easy access to those ids and passwords when visiting secure web sites.

Secure - Obviously you wont want anybody else having access to your passwords and more sensitive notes, so NoteSafe allows you to keep individual pages secure using strong encryption and a NoteSafe password.
All notes are saved as encrypted data so nobody can read your password protected notes from your disk drive

Text Search - Enter some text and NoteSafe will scan all note pages for the text, making the job of locating a saved password or note very simple.

Auto Copy - Double clicking on a Password is all that is needed to copy the word to your clipboard, ready for pasting into the password field of any other program.

Organised - Pages can be Created, Deleted and Named for a very organised approach to note keeping.

Highlighting - Keyword and number highlighting helps to identify web sites / passwords etc.

Text Editor - Notesafe includes a basic Text Editor with full Undo/Redo capabilites for simple, intuitive use.

Auto Backup - Automatically backup the last 5 changes to another drive (or pen drive).

To Do List - Configure NoteSafe to stay visible on boot up and your Things To Do list will be in front of you every time you switch on your PC.

Extra Security - NoteSafe can be configured to hide secure pages every time the program is hidden or relax the security so that the password only need be entered once.

Easy to Try - Simple Install and Uninstall.

A password protected page before the password has been entered.

A normal page.

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