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  • Perfect for viewing Digital Camera photos and images downloaded from the web or newsgroups
  • Hide your pictures behind powerful encryption
  • Encrypt and Protect any type of file
  • Encrypt and Thumbnail files before burning to CD or DVD
  • Feature rich Picture Viewer. Full control of picture size, location, content, frame etc.
  • Custom written strong encryption routines
  • TWO browser windows for easy Drag and Drop
  • Fast loading, built in Media Player / Browser
  • Slideshow your favorite pictures
  • Control who can use PicSafe
  • Never forget an Encryption key by setting a Master Key

  • Picture Thumbnails and Preview
  • Two Explorer windows to help file management tasks
  • View Multiple Pictures or Play Multiple Media Files
  • Convenient Tool Buttons for View style and sort order
  • Image Printing with WYSIWYG Position and Size setting
  • Simple Thumbnail size setting
  • Quick Thumbnail Loading facility with very small cache
  • Multi-threaded design for simultaneous browsing, copying and thumbnail loading
  • Smart File Copy for fast copying whilst browsing or viewing
  • Simple to use Encryption and Decryption
  • Powerful Batch Rename great for renaming Digital Photos
  • Batch Time and Date Setting
  • Intuitive File Selection in File Window
  • Set Windows Wallpaper
  • File Name Filtering
  • Favorite Folders List
  • Screen Capture Tool
  • Full Drag and Drop Support
  • Copy and Move Files to named folder with auto folder create
  • Built in yEnc Decoder
  • File Joiner improved HJSplit alternative

Picture Viewer
  • Complete control over Viewer appearance.
  • One key control of Titlebar, Toolbar, Statusbar, Picture Frame, Picture Border, Window Edge.
  • Locked Size / Size to Image / Full Screen.
  • Full Window Pictures with Popup Information and Controlbars.
  • Preset Picture Frames + Definable Frames more...
  • Arty Picture-on-Picture Frames with adjustable zoom and blur.
  • Quick Locator Bar with Picture Preview.
  • Image Rotate, Flip and Mirror.
  • Image Cropping.
  • Slideshow with variable speed, manual override and time to next change.
  • Auto Shrink, Auto Expand to fit screen.
  • Picture Zoom.
  • Multiple Viewer Windows.
  • SWF Viewer (Shock Wave Flash Player).

Media Player
  • Built in Media Player.
  • All Windows Media Player Types. mpeg, avi, divx, MP3.
  • MP3 Player.
  • Very Fast loading.
  • Browse Media Files with Next and Previous commands.
  • Auto Start.
  • Auto Rewind.
  • Sequential Playback.
  • One click size setting or Locked viewer size.
  • Mini Progress Line / Seekbar Only / All Controls Options.
  • Simple one key shortcut control over appearance.
  • Complete control over Video size setting and position.
  • Still Frame capture from .avi and .wmv files.
  • Multiple Playback Windows.

  • Hide your pictures and other files with built in custom encryption routines
  • Simple to Encrypt and Decrypt
  • Simply enter your Key to View your Encrypted pictures
  • Encrypted Files are completely portable
  • Pre-Cache Thumbnails before burning on to CD

Encryption strength
PicSafe Encryption is made extremely secure by processing any key into a unique 20 character key before being used for the encryption. This gives a huge number of possible keys which would take even the most powerful computer a lifetime to systematically work through trying to find the correct key.

Picking an Encryption Key
The only way someone else can view your encrypted files would be to guess your key, so it makes sense to choose a key which will be difficult to guess and also difficult to find by systematically trying every combination of characters.

For guidance the list below shows the number of possible keys for each key length, firstly using uppercase, lowercase and numbers only and secondly using any keyboard character

To try all key combinations would involve entry of a key, then waiting to see if PicSafe reveals the picture. From the table you can see that even with a 3 character key it would take a long time to try 238,328 different combinations.
Don't use obvious keys, like your sons name and it should be clear that PicSafe offers an extremely high level of security.

PicSafe will never become 'bloatware'. It will be kept small so updates are quick and simple
Pearlware always welcome your Feedback and Suggestions
The future development of PicSafe is always flexible and will continue so long as there is a demand for the software.
If you want to see a new feature, tell us.
The more requests, the earlier a feature will be included.

System Requirements
Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/NT
Media Player 10+
Internet Explorer V5+
4Mb free disk space
64Mb Ram

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